Email has evolved.
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For over 40 years we've been using email the same old way! Finally a different approach to emails.

Why just send and read emails? With MailHive you are able to do many additional useful and productive tasks with your emails.

MailHive allows you to add all your current email addresses and use 1 platform to read and send emails while taking advantage of many powerful features built into MailHive.

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  • Social Media Integration

    Received an interesting email which you would like to post on facebook or tweet about? With MailHive you can post to facebook or tweet instantly !

  • Manage documents in Emails

    Attached documents in emails can be saved within MailHive and detached from the email for future Access, even after email has been deleted.

  • Add a note to self in an Email

    Ever wanted to tag a note to an email so that you can make a note to yourself as to what action was taken in reference to this email! Now you can.

  • Add Reminders to Emails

    When you receive an email which you need to remember to take future action on. You can now tag a reminder to the email.

  • Voice Mail

    Are you receiving your voice mails in your emails? Now you can use MailHive to file, organize and play your voice mails as they arrive !

  • Email Receipt Management

    Tag an email Receipt (i.e. PayPal, Ebay) you can now save the email as a receipt. MailHive provides a balance sheet report showing totals of income and or expenses!